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TSC related Angiomyolipoma - Management Strategies and Case Studies

Dr. Anil Kapoor

Practical Sequencing Options in Metastatic Kidney Cancer - How to choose the best therapy for your mRCC patient

Dr. Monty Pal & Dr. Anil Kapoor



New Immuno-oncology Combinations for Untreated Metastatic Kidney Cancer: An Emerging New Standard of Care?


Dr. Scott North & Dr. Anil Kapoor


Testosterone Suppression in the Treatment of Recurrent or Metastatic Prostate Cancer - A Canadian Consensus Statement

Dr. Laurie Klotz

{CUA Live from GU ASCO 2018} Prostate Cancer Update:

Dr. Fred Saad & Dr. Kim Chi - February 8, 2018 


{CUA Live from GU ASCO 2018} Bladder Cancer Update:

 Dr. Peter Black & Dr. Kala Sridhar - February 9, 2018


{CUA Live from GU ASCO 2018} Kidney Cancer Update:

  Dr. Anil Kapoor & Dr. Danny Heng - February 10, 2018

New Developments in the management of metastatic prostate cancer: A look back at 2017

Dr. Fred Saad


What is the optimal role for bone targeted therapy in the changing landscape of prostate cancer?

Dr. Anil Kapoor

{Live from the CUA} New Developments in the Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer:
Impact on Cancer Care in Canada

Dr. Kim Chi
Dr. Alan So and Dr. Fred Saad
Q & A

Present and Future of Prostate Cancer: Conventional and Molecular Imaging

Dr. Frank Bladou and Dr. Frédéric Pouliot


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