About CUA

CUA Vision:

The CUA exists to promote the highest standard of urologic care for Canadians and to advance the science of urology

CUA Mission:

The CUA is a national member-based organization dedicated to enabling the profession to provide the highest possible standards of urologic care by collaboratively:

  • Fostering excellence in urologic practice through advocacy, education, research and practice support tools
  • Leading evidence-based clinical practice through the development of  practice standards and guidelines
  • Providing continuous professional development for Canadian urologists  along the career-path continuum
  • Providing leadership in public education for urologic conditions
  • Representing the Canadian urologic community in relationships with governments as well as national and international medical societies.

CUA Bylaws & Policy Book & Code of Ethics

CUA Bylaws

CUA Policy Book

CUA Code of Ethics

For a list of former CUA Officers (Presidents, Secretaries, and Vice-Presidents Education), click here

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Officers of the CUA

Dr. Andrew MacNeily
Vancouver, BC
Dr. Armen Aprikian
Montreal, QC
Past President
Dr. Fred Saad
Montreal, QC
Dr. Hassan Razvi
London, ON
Vice-President Education
Dr. Ricardo Rendon
Halifax, NS
Vice-President Communications
Dr. Michael Leveridge
Kingston, ON
Dr. Hassan Razvi
London, ON
Dr. Wassim Kassouf
Montreal, QC
Community Urology Committee
Dr. Lorne Aaron
Outremont, QC

CUA Executives-at-Large

Dr. Gavin Langille
St. John, NB
Prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba)
Dr. Trustin Domes
Saskatoon, SK
Dr. Naeem Bhojani
Westmount, QC
Dr. Neal Rowe
Ottawa, ON
British Columbia & the Territories
Dr. Guy Paterson
Prince George, BC

CUA committee chairs

Health Policy Committee
Dr. Omar Nazif
Surrey, BC
Post-Graduate Training Committee
Dr. Keith Rourke
Edmonton, AB
Dr. Michael Leonard
Ottawa, ON
Guidelines Committee
Dr. Bobby Shayegan
Hamilton, ON
Continuing Professional Development Committee
Dr. Girish Kulkarni
Toronto, ON
Patient Information Committee
Dr. Trevor Schuler
Edmonton, AB
Scientific Program Committee Co-Chairs
Drs. Peter Black & Keith Rourke
Vancouver, BC & Edmonton, AB
Local Organizing Committee
Drs. Jeffrey McCracken & Linda Lee
Victoria, BC
Chair, Canadian Undergraduate Urology Curriculum Committee (CANUUC)
Dr. Trustin Domes
Saskatoon, SK

CUA scholarship foundation (CUASF)

Chair, Scientific Council
Dr. Anil Kapoor
Hamilton, ON
Chair, Administrative Council
Dr. Christopher French
St. John's, NL
Year Laureates
2019 Dr. Laurence H. Klotz
2018 Dr. Peter Anderson
2017 Dr. Joseph Chin
2016 Dr. Larry Goldenberg
2015 Dr. Ronald Gerridzen
2014 Dr. Jerzy Gajewski
2012 Dr. Yves Fradet
2011 Dr. Michael Jewett
2010 Dr. James W. Wilson
2008 Dr. Denis H. Hosking
2006 Dr. Brewer Auld
2005 Dr. John Collins
2004 Dr. Philip Belitsky
2003 Dr Normand Sullivan and Dr. Jack Sales
2002 Dr. S. Awad
2001 Dr. E. Ramsay
2000 Dr. Lorne Sullivan
1999 Dr. A. Morales
1998 Dr. M. M. Elhilali
1997 Dr. A. Vallières
1996 Dr. M. S. McPhee
1995 Dr P. E. Bertrand
1992 Dr. A. H. Irvine
1991 Dr. W. H. Lakey
1989 Dr. K. J. MacKinnon
1988 Dr. A. W. Bruce
1984 Dr. C. J. Robson
1983 Dr. J. O. Metcalfe
1982 Dr. W. K. Kerr
1981 Dr J. Charbonneau
1980 Dr. W. E. Collins

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 * The Canadian Urological Association is fully compliant with the rules and regulations of the Canada Revenue Agency with respect to the payment of honoraria and the issuance of T4A tax slips annually.