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Urological Health

                                 Clean intermittent

                                 self-catheterization for men

         CIC is a safe and effective way of emptying the bladder when it fails to empty completely on
         its own. Many men find that their health and quality of life are improved with CIC.

             our doctor has recommended clean intermittent        Supplies required
        Yself-catheterization (CIC) to help you empty your
        bladder. Urine is produced by the kidneys and carried     •  A clear plastic or soft rubber catheter, usually
        to the bladder where it is stored. When emptying              size 12, 14 or 16 French
        is appropriate, the bladder outlet control muscle         •  Water soluble lubricant (e.g. KY Jelly™,
        (sphincter) normally relaxes while the bladder muscle       Muko™, etc). Do not use petroleum jelly
        contracts to expel the urine through the urethra            (e.g. Vaseline™) or mineral oil.
        (“urine passage”).
                                                                  •  Soapy wash cloth, disposable towelettes or
                                                                    unscented diaper wipes

                     Side view of male bladder,                   •  Clean, dry towel
                        prostate and urethra                      •  Urine collection container, if desired
                                                                  •  Catheter storage container (e.g. ziplock bag)

                         Roula Drossis         bladder            Self-catheterization technique

                                                                  Proper “clean” technique (no disinfectant or gloves
                                                                  required) will usually prevent infection without the
               urethra                                            need for absolute sterility. Catheterization may be
                                             sphincter            performed in any clean washroom; counter space
               penis                                              within reach is useful.
                                                                  1. Assemble the necessary supplies and have them
                                                                    close at hand.
                                                                  2. If possible, try to void without straining.
                                                                  3. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water,
        Sometimes, the bladder may not empty completely or          then, rinse and dry. It is best to keep your fingernails
        at all, usually because of obstruction of its outlet (e.g.     short and clean.
        enlargement of the prostate) or weakening of the          4. Get into a comfortable position; you may
        bladder muscle. The bladder must then be emptied            catheterize yourself standing, sitting in front of or
        through a plastic or rubber tube, a catheter, passed        on a toilet or propped up in bed.
        through the urethra.                                      5. Retract the foreskin, if you are not circumcised.
                                                                    Wash the head of the penis with soap and water,
        In some cases, a catheter may be left in place,             then rinse with water and dry. A damp towelette
        draining urine continuously into a collection bag. After     can be used as an alternative.
        several weeks, this may lead to urinary infection and
        stone formation, as well as the discomfort of having      6. Generously lubricate about 8 cm (three inches) of
                                                                    the catheter tip with water soluble lubricant.
        a catheter in the urethra and the inconvenience
        of carrying a urine collection bag. For many men          7. With your non-dominant hand (i.e. left hand for
        with incomplete bladder emptying, it is possible to         right-handed men), grasp the penis just behind
        learn to insert and remove a catheter themselves            its head and pull it gently and slightly upward to
        (CIC), decreasing the risk of infection and minimizing      straighten the urethra.
        discomfort with little inconvenience.                     8. Using your dominant hand, slowly insert the
                                                                    catheter into the urethra until urine begins to flow.

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