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Urological Health

                                 Palliative care

                                 All about living well

        CIC is a safe and effective way of emptying the bladder when it fails to empty completely on
        its own. Many men find that their health and quality of life are improved with CIC.

           ife may continue for many months or even years
        L when illness is unlikely to be cured and is expected    Myths about pain
        to progress. During this time measures to control the     Myth: Most cancer patients die with terrible pain.
        disease, treat symptoms, and maximize quality of life,
        are called palliative care.                               Truth: Cancer pain can be prevented and treated in
                                                                  most with the use of various effective treatments.
        The word palliate means relieve. Palliative care
        accepts death as a natural part of life. It seeks neither
        to hasten death nor to prolong the dying process          Myth: Morphine is used when death is near. It is
        but to improve the quality of one’s journey toward        addictive, makes you drowsy and confused, and
        expected death. Good palliative care involves close       makes you die sooner.
        cooperation and communication between physicians
        including your family doctor, your urologist, your        Truth: Morphine and similar drugs called opioids are
        medical or radiation oncologist, and, when needed,        usually highly effective with few side effects. They can
        a palliative care specialist. Together with nurses,       be taken for months or years, and, when prescribed
        pharmacists, nutritionists, social workers, clergy and    appropriately, they are not addictive. Their regular use
        others, they will try to meet your particular needs.      can prevent pain, rather than having to respond to it.
        Palliative care is all about living well.                 Good pain control prolongs life and promotes quality
                                                                  of living.
        Palliative care is often introduced at the same time
        as treatments continue to control the disease or
        even when they offer a chance of cure. It addresses       Myth: If I take morphine now, it won’t work when my
        physical symptoms as well as emotional, spiritual,        pain gets really bad.
        and family concerns. Seeking good palliative care of      Truth: Prolonged, poorly controlled pain makes good
        any symptoms that are troublesome is not “giving in”      pain control more difficult to achieve later. Many
        or “giving up”, it is striving for the best quality of life   other drugs can be used alone or in combination with
                                                                  morphine to reduce side effects, improve pain relief
        When illness progresses, it can be frightening. Fear      and reduce the need for morphine.
        can lead to feelings of denial, anger and depression.
        It may also interfere with your understanding of your     Managing other cancer symptoms
        condition, reporting any symptoms, and getting the
        care that you need. This should not happen to you.        Effective treatment is available to treat most cancer
                                                                  symptoms including bowel or bladder problems,
                                                                  poor appetite, sleeping difficulty, anxiety and others.
                                                                  Discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

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