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Urological Health

                                Childhood circumcision

                                Discharge instructions

        A circumcision has been performed to remove your boy’s foreskin.

             our son has had a circumcision. The foreskin was     Pain is usually minimal and resolves after a few days.
        Yremoved to uncover the head of the penis. Skin           Acetaminophen (Tempra™, Tylenol™, etc.) can be
        edges at the site of incision were brought together       given as needed at the dose recommended for your
        with dissolving stitches. These stitches will fall off on   son’s age. The uncovered head of the penis is usually
        their own. Ask about bathing/showering instructions.      sensitive for a few weeks. Your son will likely be more
                                                                  comfortable in loose clothing and out of diapers, if

                   Circumcised penis with sutures                 Your child should be able to urinate normally after
                                                                  having a circumcision. Most urologists feel that
                                                                  boys can be bathed safely within 24 hours of the

                                                                  Most boys should be able to return to school or
                                                                  daycare within a few days of having a circumcision.


                                                                  There may be slight oozing of blood from the incision
                                                                  in the first 48 hours. Applying firm pressure to the
                                                                  bleeding area with clean gauze or tissue for
                                                                  10 minutes will usually control it. If bleeding persists,
                                                                  you should contact your doctor or go to the hospital
                                                                  Emergency Room.

                                                                  A foul smelling discharge, increasing swelling or
                                                                  redness of the penis after four days may indicate
                                                                  infection. Please contact your urologist if you are
        If a dressing is used, ask for instructions on its care.   concerned.
        Your urologist may recommend the use of an
        ointment on the penis. Any swelling or bruising of the    Follow-up
        penis will usually disappear within two weeks of the
        circumcision.                                             A follow-up appointment may be arranged with either

                                                                  your urologist or family doctor.
        The effects of the anaesthetic will have worn off
        completely within 24 hours. Local anaesthetic
        (“freezing”) may also have been used during the
        surgery. Its effect will wear off slowly over several
        hours.                                                                               Continued on next page
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