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Urological Health


        Hypospadias: a common paediatric condition.

        W     hat is Hypospadias?

        Hypospadias is a common penile condition which            Treatment
        occurs in 1 in 250 male babies.
                                                                  Mild cases of hypospadias may not require surgery
        The penis may have one or more of the following           however; definitive correction of hypospadias requires
        features:                                                 surgery. This is often done between 6 and 18 months
          1.  Penile opening on the underside of the shaft        of age due to quick recovery and lack of long term
                                                                  memories; however, it can be done at any age.
          2.  Uneven foreskin
          3.  Bend of the penis (chordee) usually downwards       In severe cases of hypospadias, physicians may
             with erections                                       discuss preoperative hormones (testosterone)
                                                                  to enlarge the penis. There are many types of
                                                                  hypospadias repairs however all require a full
        What causes hypospadias?                                  anesthetic where your child goes to sleep with a
                                                                  breathing tube in place. The surgery may take a few
                                                                  hours. After the surgery your child may be left with a
        Hypospadias generally occurs by chance. There             tube coming out of the urinating channel which will
        is nothing that can be done to prevent this during        be left in place for 2-14 days to allow the repair to
        pregnancy. It can be seen in family members;              heal. There may be a dressing on the penis as well
        however, having one child with hypospadias does not       which is removed within the first few days after surgery.
        mean that the next child will have hypospadias.           Your child may have to take antibiotics and bladder
                                                                  spasm medications following the procedure.
        Environmental factors have been associated with
        hypospadias however nothing has been consistently         In severe hypospadias, multiple surgeries may be
        found.                                                    required.

        Associated Problems                                       After the surgery your child’s penis will look very
                                                                  bruised and swollen. It can take quite a few weeks for
                                                                  the penis to look normal.
        The two primary functions of the penis are to allow a
        male to urinate and to allow semen to get a partner       Hypospadias surgery generally results in a good
        pregnant during intercourse. With mild hypospadias        outcome. Children may however require more
        these functions can still be performed and the            surgeries for complications. Complications can occur
        decision to surgically correct hypospadias relates to     in 10% of children with mild hypospadias and up to
        altering the appearance.                                  50% of those with severe hypospadias. Complications
                                                                  can include fistulas, stricture and opening of the
        With more severe hypospadias, surgery may be              wound. A fistula is a separate hole from the urinating
        necessary to allow normal function. No matter what        channel to the skin. It can form anywhere along the
        degree of hypospadias, the penile sensation is normal.    surgery line and is noticed as your child urinates.
                                                                  Parents may notice that there are 2 or more streams.
        Hypospadias often occurs on its own and does not
        mean there are any other medical problems. When
        hypospadias is identified as the only medical problem,
        no further tests are required.                                                       Continued on next page
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