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A d v a n c e d   P r o s t a t e   C a n c e r   T r e a t m e n t :   T o w a r d   a   N e w   N o r m a l

            Learning Objectives

            COVID-19 introduced an unexpected practice shift in the management of advanced
            prostate cancer. The path forward to a new normal remains to be mapped.

            By the end of this program, participants will be able to:
            •    Recognize adaptations made as a result of COVID-19 restrictions that could

                 enhance clinical practice going forward

            •    Adopt/expand the use of virtual care technologies to provide comprehensive,
                 high-quality, multidisciplinary patient-centered care

            •    Re-examine COVID-19-adjusted treatment strategies for advanced prostate
                 cancer in planning the path forward

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