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Telemedicine and Shifting of Care to the Community

          Supports Comprehensive Patient-Centred Care

            Patient triage                                                                  Benefits to patients

            Assess if patient can be                                                • More flexibility and convenience
            conducted safely by telephone                                              for accessing care

            or video conference.                                                    • Reduced costs and travel burden

                                                                                    • Benefits patients who are frail,

            Shift to community:                                                        less mobile, or from remote areas

                                                                                    • Patients feel care is more tailored
            • Essential laboratory
                                                                                    • Increased collaboration between
            • Imaging evaluations                                                      specialties and partnerships with

            • Home care services                                                       community care providers

      1.  Jiang DM, Berlin A, Moody L,. et al. Transitioning to a New Normal in the Post-COVID Era. Curr Oncol Rep. 2020;22:73.
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