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Back in the saddle: CUA’s return to a live
       CUA NEWS
     text                             meeting was a huge success!

       Armen Aprikian                         fter back-to-back virtual Night Schools, this past June, the Canadian Urological
                                              Association held its first live meeting in three years in beautiful Charlottetown,
       CUA President                    APEI. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean and Maritime
                                        hospitality, Dr. Hassan Razvi and the CUA team, led by CEO, Tiffany Pizioli, hosted
       Cite as: Aprikian A. Back in the saddle: CUA’s   what I believe was an exceptional event.
       return to a live meeting was a huge success! Can   The Scientific Program Committee, co-chaired by Dr. Duane Hickling and Dr.
       Urol Assoc J 2022;16(8):242. http://dx.doi.  Stephen Pautler, created a remarkable program that included a plethora of nationally
       org/10.5489/cuaj.8037            and internationally recognized speakers, with presentations covering a wide variety
                                        of topics.
                                          Certainly, the social functions are a highlight of any CUA meeting. Coming off
       Pour la version française, voir  the COVID pandemic, it was hard to know what to expect this time around. But
                                        Charlottetown did not disappoint. From the lively Networking Event, where the Void
       The CUA exists to promote the    made a triumphant comeback, to the ever-elegant President’s Banquet, the opportunity
       highest standard of urologic care   to share a laugh and catch up with colleagues and friends after such a long hiatus
       for Canadians and to advance     was appreciated by all.
       the art and science of urology.    At the meeting, we had occasion to recognize the contributions of some of our
                                        esteemed members. Dr. Ricardo Rendon was deservedly awarded the CUA Presidential
                                        Citation and Dr. Michael Chetner was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award
                                        (for more on this, see page 288). Dr. Lorne Aaron was posthumously acknowledged
                                        for his CUA Award of Merit, a service award that recognizes major and impactful
                                        contributions to the CUA. Dr. Aaron had been presented the award by his wife shortly
                                        before his passing earlier this year.
                                          In addition to a return to a live format, the annual meeting brought with it a
                                        changing of the guard. I was honored to be handed the mantle of President from Dr.
                                        Hassan Razvi, who has served the association so diligently and enthusiastically for
                                        many years, culminating with his presidency in 2021/2022. Also newly elected to
                                        the CUA Board of Directors were Dr. Ken Pace, Treasurer-Elect, Dr. Peter Black, Vice-
                                        President Education-Elect, and Dr. Rendon as CUA Vice-President. I am very proud
                                        to be surrounded with such talent and passion for our wonderful society. Together,
                                        we aim to continue the excellent work of our predecessors in ensuring the highest
                                        levels of education, exciting new initiatives, and financial stability.
                                          Finally, I hope to welcome you to Montreal for CUA 2023, which will be held
                                        June 23–26. Save the date and join us for what will no doubt be another stellar event!

       242                                       CUAJ • August 2022 • Volume 16, Issue 8
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