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CUAJ                           Canadian Urological

                                      Association Journal
                                      Journal de l’Association
                                      des urologues
                                      du Canada
                                            CUAJ.CA           August 2022, Volume 16, Issue 8
                                                              août 2022, volume 16, numéro 8

       EDITOR-IN-CHIEF            Infertility                Nicholas	Power,	MD,	FRCSC	  CANADIAN UROLOGICAL
       RÉDACTEUR EN CHEF          Keith	A.	Jarvi,	MD,	FRCSC	  London, ON                ASSOCIATION • ASSOCIATION DES
                                  Toronto, ON                Sidney	Radomski,	MD,	FRCSC	  UROLOGUES DU CANADA
       Michael	Leveridge,	MD,	FRCSC	                         Toronto, ON
       Kingston, ON               Bladder Cancer                                        CUA	President	•	Président,	AUC
                                  Wassim	Kassouf,	MD,	FRCSC	  Hassan	A.	Razvi,	MD,	FRCSC	  Armen Aprikian, MD, FRCSC
       ASSOCIATE EDITORS/         Montreal, QC               London, ON                 Montreal, QC
       RÉDACTEURS ADJOINT         Training/Education         Ricardo	Rendon,	MD,	FRCSC	  CUAJ is owned by the Canadian Urological
       Sero	Andonian,	MD,	FRCSC	  Jason	Y.	Lee,	MD,	FRCSC	   Halifax, NS                Association.
       Montreal, QC               Toronto, ON                Fred	Saad,	MD,	FRCS	       As of Volume 1, Issue 1, CUAJ is covered in
                                                             Montreal, QC
                                                                                        the Science Citation Index Expanded (also known
                                  Transplantation                                       as SciSearch) and the Journal Citation Reports/
       Anil	Kapoor,	MD,	DABU,	FRCSC	                         Alan	So,	MD,	FRCSC	        Science Edition provided by Thomson Reuters.
       Hamilton, ON               Patrick	Luke,	MD,	FRCSC	   Vancouver, BC              CUAJ is also searchable on PubMed and full-text
                                  London, ON                                            articles are found through PubMed Central and
       Andrew	E.	MacNeily,	MD,	FRCSC,	  Trainees             Luc	Valiquette,	MD,	FRCSC,	FACS	  on the CUAJ website (
       FAAP		                                                Montreal, QC               All prescription drug advertisements have been
                                                                                        cleared by the Pharmaceutical Advertising
       Vancouver, BC              Udaybir	Mann,	MD	          Kevin	C.	Zorn,	MD,	FRCSC	  Advisory Board (PAAB).
                                  Winnipeg, MB               Montreal, QC
       EDITOR EMERITUS            Pediatric Urology
       RÉDACTEUR ÉMÉRITE          Peter	Metcalfe,	MD,	FRCSC	  INTERNATIONAL             Printed by Imprimerie Solisco Inc., Scott, QC.
                                                             Christopher	P.	Evans,	MD,	FACS
                                  Edmonton, AB                                          Appears in February, April, June, August,
       Laurence	H.	Klotz,	MD,	FRCSC	                         Sacramento, CA             October, and December.
       Toronto, ON                Endourology                Nathan	Lawrentschuk,	MB	BS,	  La revue est imprimée par Imprimerie Solisco
                                  Kenneth	Pace,	MD,	MSc,	FRCSC	  PhD,	FRACS	            Inc., Scott (Québec). Elle paraît en février, avril,
       D.	Robert	Siemens,	MD,	FRCSC	                         Australia                  juin, août, octobre et décembre.
       Kingston, ON               Toronto, ON                                           © 2022 Canadian Urological Association. For
                                                                                        subscription, permissions and other service
       SECTION EDITORS            Trauma/Reconstruction      EDITORIAL STAFF            information, email the journal office at
                                  Keith	Rourke,	MD,	FRCSC
       CHEFS DES RUBRIQUES        Edmonton, AB               ÉQUIPE RÉDACTIONNELLE
       Prostate Cancer            Incontinence               Managing	Editor	•
       Armen	Aprikian,	MD,	FRCSC	  Blayne	Welk,	MD,	MSc,	FRCSC	  Rédacteur
                                                             Adriana Modica
       Montreal, QC               London, ON              Is there a CUAJ article
       BPH/Prostatitis            CONSULTING EDITORS         514-395-0376, ext. 40        you can’t be without?
       Naeem	Bhojani,	MD,	FRCSC   ÉDITEURS-CONSEIL           fax 514-395-1664
       Montreal, QC                                          Production	                 Do you want to distribute
                                  CANADA                     Carol J. Anderson                 an article?
       Erectile Dysfunction                                  Wordstyle Productions
       Gerald	B.	Brock,	MD,	FRCSC	  Lysanne	Campeau,	MD,	FRCSC	                           If so, take advantage of
                                  Montreal, QC
       London, ON                                            Advertising	Manager	•
                                  Serge	Carrier,	MD,	FRCSC	  Directrice	de	la	publicité	    our reprint service.
       Community Urology          Montreal, QC               Denise Toner
       Richard	Casey,	MD,	FRCS	   Ben	Chew,	MD,	FRCSC            Reprints of any
       Oakville, ON                                          514-395-0376, ext. 42
                                  Vancouver, BC              fax 514-395-1664              CUAJ article or issue
       Kidney Cancer              Ashley	Cox,	MD,	FRCSC	                                      are available.
       Antonio	Finelli,	MD,	FRCSC	  Halifax, NS              Translator	•	Traductrice
       Toronto, ON                                           Denise Bérubé                 If you are interested
                                  Keyue	Ding,	PhD	(Statistician)
       Clinical Epidemiology      Toronto, ON                                              in obtaining a reprint,
       Neil	Fleshner,	MD,	MPH,	FRCSC	  Martin	E.	Gleave,	MD,	FRCSC,	                      contact Denise Toner at
       Toronto, ON                FACS
                                  Vancouver, BC                                 
       Testis and Penile Cancer
       Robert	J.	Hamilton,	MD	MPH,	  Pierre	Karakiewicz,	MD,	FRCSC	                        She will be delighted
       FRCSC	                     Montreal, QC                                           to provide a cost estimate
       Toronto, ON                Luke	T.	Lavallée,	MDCM,	MSc,	                                  for you.
       Neuro-Urology              FRCSC
                                  Ottawa, ON
       Sender	Herschorn,	BSc,	MDCM,
       FRCSC	                     Jennifer	A.	Locke,	MD,	FRCSC
       Toronto, ON                Kelowna, BC
                                                  CUAJ • August 2022 • Volume 16, Issue 8                     237
                                                  © 2022 Canadian Urological Association
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