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       279	 CUA Prize Essay	–	The	effect	of	lowering	cholesterol	  294	 Under-recognized	factors	affecting	penile	implant
            through	diet	on	serum	prostate-specific	antigen	levels:	  satisfaction	in	patients
            A	secondary	analysis	of	clinical	trials	                J. Wong, L. Witherspoon, R.K. Flannigan
              V.H. Jayalath, K. Lajkosz, N.E. Fleshner, R.J. Hamilton,   Cite as: Can Urol Assoc J 2022;16(8):294-300.
            D.J.A. Jenkins                              
              Cite as: Can Urol Assoc J 2022;16(8):279-82.        Appendix	available	at
            Appendix	available	at                    RESIDENTS’ ROOM
                                                             301	 CUA-AUA	Residents	and	Fellows	Program:	New
       283	 Better	safe	than	sorry?	Results	from	an	ex-vivo	study	  Orleans	2022
            demonstrate	that	the	thulium	fiber	laser	may	cause	     B. Millan, A.M. AlShammari, M. Ding, T. Lee
            eye	injury	without	standard	protection                  Cite as: Can Urol Assoc J 2022;16(8):301-3.
              M.J. Lee, S. Czajkowski, A. Gershon, T. Sabljic,
            G. Acosta, K. Kazlovich, J.Y. Lee
              Cite as: Can Urol Assoc J 2022;16(8):283-8.
            Appendix	available	at                      ADVERTISERS’ INDEX / INDEX DES ANNONCEURS

       289	 The	evolution	of	urethral	stricture	and	urethroplasty	  Astellas	Pharma	Canada  Northern	Ontario	School	of
            practice	over	15	years:	A	single-center,	single-   Myrbetriq, Outside Back Cover  Medicine
            surgeon,	1319	urethroplasty	analysiss	             Corporate, Page 238       Classified, Page 236
              D.T. Hoare, R.C. Doiron, K.F. Rourke             Bayer                     SZIO+
            Cite as: Can Urol Assoc J 2022;16(8):289-93.       Nubeqa, Inside Front Cover  Utiva, Page 235
                                                                                         Tyros	Biopharma
                  Corporate, Page 234       Uriexo, Inside Back Cover
                                                                                         University	of	Ottawa
                                                                                         Classified, Page 241

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                                                 CUAJ • August 2022 • Volume 16, Issue 8                      235
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