Contenu éducatif de l'AUC

11th Annual Juravinski Cancer Centre and Walker Cancer Centre Uro-Oncology Forum (JCC) 2022


Bladder Cancer Session:

Multi-disciplinary Bladder Clinic: Gaps and Lessons Learned | WFCC: Michael Levesque / JCC: Himu Lukka
Regional Bladder Cancer Systemic Treatments Algorithm | Luisa Cardenas
CC Bladder Cancer Trials Update | Som Mukherjee

Kidney Cancer Session:

JCC Kidney Cancer Trials Update | Aly-Khan Lalani
Debate: Adjuvant Therapy in Kidney Cancer: Adjuvant IO should be available now (Sebastien Hotte) vs. Adjuvant IO should not be prescribed yet | 
Anil Kapoor

Prostate Cancer Session:

PARP inhibition in mCRPC | Aly-Khan Lalani
Genetic Testing and Mainstreaming Access: Regional Processes |Corissa Androich
mCSPC – Who should see the medical oncologist? | Sebastien Hotte
JCC Prostate Cancer Trials Update | Kimmen Quan
Hamilton PSMA PET Registry Update and Future Directions | Anil Kapoor 
Prostate Cancer Survivorship and CV Health, RADICAL PC Update | Jehonathan Pinthus