CPD Grant Program

CUA Community Urologist Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Grant Program


Terms of Reference 2020-2021 


The objective of the CUA-Community Urologist Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Grant Program is to support Community Urologists in scholarly initiatives that improve urological care in Canada.


Each year, a maximum of $15,000 may be awarded, with no fixed number of grants allotted. For example, in one year, there might be one grant of $7000, and two grants of $4000 awarded, for a total of $15,000 awarded for three grants. Awarded applications must meet the Program’s stated objective. 

Priority will be given to first time applicants.


Applicants must be Active CUA Members, practicing in Canada, who do not have a full time academic appointment with a Canadian University. 

Applications must include a detailed budget including all additional funding sources and amounts. The budget may include travel (upgradable economy class) and accommodation (single room occupancy) expenses. 

Examples of activities appropriate for funding include (but are not limited to):  

  • Courses or training on new technologies or techniques or advanced medical therapeutics
  • Leadership or Practice Management Courses
  • Courses or professional development Programs from universities, academic institutions, provincial or national medical associations, AUA, EAU, or CUA that will specifically lead to improvements in urologic care.

Examples of activities that WILL NOT be funded include:

  • Regional, national, or international conferences

The activity is to be completed within twelve (12) months of being awarded the grant. 

All grant recipients are required to submit a report summarizing their experience to the Chair of the CPD Committee within six months of completion of the CPD activity. 

Distribution of the grant funds will occur following receipt of the report and copies of budgeted expense receipts. 



Application Deadline: closed until 2021

Each application must include:

  1. A completed application form
  2. A letter of intent, not exceeding one (1) page, standard 12 point font, outlining the proposed CPD initiative and how the CPD activity meets the objective of the grant; and
  3. A budget, including all sources of funding. 
  4. Curriculum Vitae (Please submit PDF version of your Common (CHIR CV).


All submissions are reviewed by the CPD Committee Chair, the CUC Committee Chair and CUC Committee members

All applications should be emailed to: Girish Kulkarni, Chair, CPD Committee 

c/o Tal Erdman

+1 514-395-0376 #43

+1 514-395-1664

Any questions should be addressed to the contact information above.