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Congrats to CUA's CEO!

The inaugural 2020 CUA Presidential Citation was awarded to Ms. Tiffany Pizioli, CUA CEO, in recognition of her efforts to ensure the success of CUA during the COVID-19 pandemic challenges. 

Next CUA Webinar | Sept. 22 at 8pm EDT

ESMO 2020: CUA Presents Highlights from the Canadian Experts

5:00-6:20pm PDT • 8:00-9:20pm EDT • 9:00-10:20pm ADT

Includes an interactive discussion and Q&A



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Nouveau Rapport



Rapport de l'AUC sur les meilleures pratiques: Cathétérisme

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CUAJ September 2020 Issue

Read CUAJ's latest issue!

NEW! Northeastern Section of the American Urological Association 72nd Annual Meeting Abstracts also available.

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New Epubs now available

CUAJ-CUA Best Practice Reports:

  • Diagnosis and management of sporadic angiomyolipomas
  • YAG laser eye safety


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New CUA mRCC Book!

On behalf of the authors, Drs. Daniel Heng and Christian Kollmannsberger, with contributors Drs. Ricardo Rendon and Anil Kapoor, we are pleased to announce that the e-version of the CUA mRCC book entitled, “Practical Approaches to Managing Advanced Kidney Cancer” is now available on UROpedia Canada >>.

Undergrad and Postgrad Surgical Education


Canadian Conference for the Advancement of Surgical Education

Virtual conference reviewed and endorsed by CUA.

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Upcoming CUA Webinars

Current and New Solutions in Management of Incontinence Post Prostatectomy: A Multidisciplinary Approach
September 30, 2020 
5:00-6:00pm PDT | 8:00-9:00pm EDT | 9:00-10:00pm ADT

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Emerging Immunotherapy Approaches in 1st Line Maintenance Therapy for Advanced UC
Tuesday, October 6, 2020
5:00-6:00pm PDT | 8:00-9:00pm EDT | 9:00-10:00pm ADT

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Options for BCG-Unresponsive Disease
Tuesday October 20, 2020
5:00-6:00pm PDT | 8:00-9:00pm EDT | 9:00-10:00pm ADT

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ACUOG2020 | Register Today!






Visit the CUA Events page or click below to register for the virtual ACUOG meeting!

Meeting Chair: Dr. Ricardo Rendon


DAY 1: October 28, 2020 • 7:00-9:00pm ADT 

DAY 2: November 4, 2020 • 7:00-9:00pm ADT 

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Choosing Wisely Canada: COVID-19 recommendations

An update on transvaginal mesh for CUA Members

Blayne Welk, Duane Hickling, Greg Bailly, Stephen Steele, Richard Baverstock, Jacques Corcos, Kevin Carlson



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