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CUA Award Nominations

The CUA recognises contributions by its members to the field of urology. The CUA has several awards in many categories, and we encourage you to nominate someone you believe is deserving. 

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CUA Call for Nominations

The nominating committee is tasked with the selection of willing volunteers to serve in open positions at the CUA.

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2 Pees in a Pod Podcast

Our inaugural 2 Pees In A Pod Podcast series hosted by Dr Alan So and Dr Claudia Chavez/Munoz!

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Episode 1

PSA & Prostate Cancer Screening

Episode 2

Male Voiding Disorders & (BPH)

Episode 3

Urinary Tract Infections in Women

Episode 4

Introduction to Bladder Cancer

Listing of CUA Clinical Tools

CUA-developed clinical tools are all available just one click away on:


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An update on transvaginal mesh for CUA Members

Blayne Welk, Duane Hickling, Greg Bailly, Stephen Steele, Richard Baverstock, Jacques Corcos, Kevin Carlson



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