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As you prepare your presentation for your upcoming program, please keep in mind the following Royal College and Canadian Medical Association accreditation standard.

Standard 1

Individual presenters must disclose to the participants any financial affiliations with manufacturers of products mentioned at the event or with manufacturers of competing products.

Please note that all financial or “in kind” relationships (not only those relevant to the subject being discussed) encompassing the previous two years must be disclosed. It is important to allow ample time for the audience to read the conflict of interest disclosure slide.

Have you disclosed your conflicts of interest at the beginning of the program?

Standard 2

The inclusion of product specific materials on preliminary or final conference brochures or materials or any other material distributed to participants is strictly prohibited.

Have you removed company logos or product branding from your presentation?

Standard 3

Individual presenters are responsible to ensure their presentations (and any recommendations) are balanced and reflect the current scientific literature.

Have you identified published sources for evidence reported?
Have you included information concerning possible risk/harm of the products/drugs for the disease condition being discussed?

Standard 4

Individual presenters must declare any unapproved use of products or services. The only caveat to this guideline is where there is only one treatment or management strategy.

Have you disclosed any off-label use of drugs or medical devices?

Standard 5

Individual presenters need to consistently use generic names during their presentation.

Have you used generic names consistently throughout your presentation?