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7th Annual CUA-CUOG Multidisciplinary GU Cancers Meeting 2022

THEME OF THIS MEETING: Precision Medicine in GU Malignancies

Prostate Cancer
Somatic and germline genetic testing in prostate cancer | Kim Chi
Point-counter-point: Defining a role for triple therapy in metastatic castration sensitive prostate cancer | Tony Finelli & Krista Noonan
PARP-inhibitors in prostate cancer: When, who and by whom? | Kim Chi

Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC)
Can biomarkers guide treatment decision making in RCC? | Christian Kollmannsberger
Point-counter-point: Adjuvant therapy in RCC: Ready for prime-time? | Patrick Richard & Lori Wood
Management of oligo-metastatic RCC | Jean-Baptiste Lattouf

Bladder Cancer
Evolution of multimodal therapy for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer | Girish Kulkarni
Point-counter-point: Bladder preservation after neoadjuvant chemotherapy | Fabio Cury & Ross Mason
What is optimal adjuvant therapy in bladder cancer?  | Andrea Kokorovic
Management of platinum-refractory advanced bladder cancer | Nimira Alimohamed